The Greater Dover Dance Academy

About ~

GDDA is a dance education center under the direction of Gina Anthony with the assistance of many professional instructors. The dance academy includes five divisions: Fundamentals Division, Performance Division, Recreational Division, Praise Division, and Competition Division. There is something special for every dancer at GDDA!

Alumni of GDDA have been hired by professional dance companies, theatres and theme parks, earned scholarships to reputable college dance programs, become teachers and directed dance ministries.

Whether a career-minded student or simply a recreational dancer, each individual is provided the opportunity to pursue their interests in dance, reach his/her full potential, and experience the joy of dance! All dancers may gain the knowledge, confidence, and accomplishment of quality dance training in a friendly, professional atmosphere at GDDA!

Mission Statement

Greater Dover Dance Academy seeks to provide all students with excellent dance training in a caring and inspiring environment. We strive to instill discipline, respect, kindness, character, and creative expression in our students. We hope to be a place where students love to be and parents feel good about bringing their children.

What Students are Saying

"Everyone treats you with respect." ~ Jordann Smith-Kingston, age 13

"I've gained time management and discipline." ~ Lauren Markle, age 15

"I have learned to grow from mistakes." ~ Morgan Reimers, age 15

"...the teachers make it fun." ~ Hannah Riddle, age 11

"...I like the teachers and the variety of classes." ~ Billy Emig, age 16

"I have [learned] how working hard helps you reach your goals." ~ Rebecca Smith-Kingston, age 11

"I've gained strength and confidence and great friends... teachers give corrections but don't yell at you." ~ Casey Bricker, age 14

"I get great training in such a good environment (supportive friends and teachers)" ~ Juliana Peck, age 15

"I like dancing at GDDA because I have great teachers...and I have gained coordination. I have also learned to try my hardest." ~ Ally Williams, age 10

"At GDDA I've gained a greater sense of control as well as memorization. It has also taught me time management." ~ Mitta Ingraham, age 13

"I like to dance at GDDA because the teachers are AMAZING...and because we have an awesome program! I've gained a lot of technique, a love for dance, and a big group of friends!" ~ Sierra Smith, age 13

Benefits of dance training:

  • Promotes overall physical fitness
  • Develops coordination, flexibility, balance, agility, strength & stamina
  • Increases self-esteem and confidence
  • Enhances social skills
  • Corrects poor posture
  • Develops gross and fine motor skills
  • Teaches rhythym and musical awareness
  • An outlet for expressing emotions
  • Releases children's energy through positive activity
  • Sparks creativity
  • Develops an appreciation of the arts
  • Increases self control, muscle tone and body awareness
  • Improves self-discipline, focus & memory which leads to better academic performance (dance students tend to achieve higher SAT scores)
  • Teaches a universal non-verbal language that is inclusive of all cultures
  • Dance is FUN and can be enjoyed throughout all stages of life!